Here at LYV, we believe simple questions and simple actions can make a big difference in a marriage.  So every week we send out a question through our various social media platforms, questions we intended  for spouses to mutually ask each other at some point during the week.

We don’t claim any of these questions to be truly groundbreaking, innovative, or overly-exciting. But they are relevant to your relationship and may not be ones you regularly ask.

These questions are not a magic bullet or a 1-step solution for having a great marriage.  But they are a small step in the right direction.

For these questions to have any type of impact, a few things to remember

  1. You actually have to ask the question and honestly answer it.
  2. You actually have to listen to and learn from your spouse’s answer…and follow through as needed.
  3. These questions are intended to bring you closer together, not further apart.

For some couples, simply asking the question and having a cordial conversation can be difficult and a monumental first step. But it’s one we feel is worth taking. We want your marriage to make it – and not just make it, but be strong – just like you do.

For helping getting conversations going and avoiding blow-ups, melt-downs, and door-slams, see our Resources page.

For the current question, visit our Blog.