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Live Your Vows (LYV) exists to support and strengthen marriages – your marriage, my marriage, and the marriages around us. We provide practical resources to help couples in the everyday aspects of married life. We don’t sentimentalize marriage or pretend that it is easy. But lifelong marriage is something we believe is possible. Safe, stable, and secure marriages matter – for couples, for kids, and for communities.

At LYV, we think taking care of your marriage is a lot like taking care of your teeth – there are some things you need to do (and some things to avoid) every day…or at least a few times a week. We aim to help you brush your marital teeth.

You can do this.  We can help.

Live your vows. For couples, for kids, and for communities.



HeadshotLYV is founded by Dr. Allen Barton. Allen is an academic researcher who studies marital and family relationships.  He also works on the development and evaluation of marital and parenting prevention programs.  Allen’s research has been highlighted on various media outlets, including The Today Show, USA Today, Huffington Post, reddit, and the Daily Mail. He is currently an assistant research scientist at the University of Georgia. Allen and his wife have two young children.